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Our personal care services offer both physical assistance and personal care task supervision based on a resident’s specific needs. Although such assistance is provided, we also respect their dignity and independence and deliver personal care assistance whenever most needed.

Our personal care services offer assistance to the following:

  • Direct staff attention or direct physical assistance while eating, provide adaptive equipment while eating.
  • Provide any nutritional needs other than what would be considered regular: Finger foods, carbohydrate-controlled diet, consistency-modified diets, such as pureed, mechanical, or thickened liquids.
  • Remind residents to use the bathroom
  • Help residents who are unable to use the bathroom on their own (e.g pulling up and down pants, and wiping)
  • Provide scheduled toileting
  • Assist with urinary catheter or ostomy care
  • Provide help for residents who are unable to stand independently yet require only one person assistance.

Residents are toileted per the residency protocol which is every two hours.

  • Provide stand-by assistance as residents walk or move about the building or
  • Physically help residents walk or move around the building
  • Routinely provide stand-by assistance while transferring into and out of bed or wheelchair, or onto and off of a toilet or shower chair
  • One-person physical assistance with transferring
  • Lifting with mechanical equipment
We provide assistance with positioning every two hours. Assistance ranges from cueing, monitoring, or total one person assistance.
Personal Hygiene
  • Set out resident’s personal hygiene and grooming items
  • Help residents with grooming tasks, such as brushing your hair, shaving, applying make-up or filing your nails
  • Help residents with oral care and brushing their teeth
  • Help residents wash and dry their face and hands
  • Help residents wash and dry other parts of their body, as needed
  • Help with the set up, selection, or laying out of clothes or grooming
  • Provide all the grooming toiletries (e.g shampoo, toothpaste, shaving cream, deodorant)
  • Staff attention or physical attention with any dressing tasks
  • Staff attention or physical attention with grooming tasks
  • One person total assistance with dressing or grooming
  • Provide at least two showers or baths a week
  • Set up bathing supplies including shampoo, soap, towels, and safety devices
  • Staff attention or physical attention with bathing
  • One person total assistance with bathing

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